About Us

As Marmara Saman, we  have been baling hale over 15 years in Catalca and Silivri areas in Istanbul, Turkey.With our modern and high techology production machines, we have been baling hays in high quality and European standards.

We are the foremost hay baling manufacturer and supplier in Marmara region and have been exporting hay bales especially to Middle East for many years

We are growing our company by investing in our business with the latest technology machineries and AR-GE research and development.

Our products are hay bales (wheat), straw bales, alfalfa bales, corn silage and barley straw bales.


Our mission is to maximize our production to enable more employment opportunities to contribute the Turkish economy and provide high quality products and best service to our clients.


Our vision is to reach the growth we have targeted without compromising our quality and service.

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