Alfalfa Bale for sale in Turkey

Our region has very fertile soils so best quality alfalfa grow in our country.

Alfalfa is very rich in terms of protein and fiber compared to other forage crops. You can provide necessary vitamins and mirerals to your animals with alfalfa.

As it is rich in vitamins, organic acid, and trace elements, Alfalfa helps your animals grow and ensures high quality milk, meat and egg.

Alfalfa is used for poultry feeds, livestock growing feeds, calf growing feeds, milk feeds, dairy farming, sheep & goat growing feeds, camel feeds, racing  horse farming, the ostrich farming, and rabbit farming.

40′ HQ container;
Each Bale 25KG – 50x90x40 : 10.500 KG
Each Bale 350KG – 240x80x90 : 20.000 KG
Each Bale 500KG – 70x120x240 : 22.000KG
Each Bale 750KG – 90x120x240 : 23.000KG



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